A Faster Way To
Use Your Mac

Designing in Sketch,
Photoshop, or SketchUp?

Thimble accelerates your work in those apps & more through multi-touch.

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How It Works

A resting thumb, not a clicking thumb.

Thimble opens by resting your thumb
on the trackpad then adding
your fingers to scroll.

While open, switch between
horizontal/vertical scrolling by
lifting a finger to reorient.

Release or click to select. Boom.

Supported Apps

In Beta:
Adobe Photoshop

Coming Soon:

Adobe Illustrator
Affinity Designer

Want Thimble to support
one of your favorite mac apps?
Make a request!

Why Thimble?

As creative designers, we spend entire days working in great apps like Photoshop, Sketch and SketchUp... but often find them tedious, especially with a trackpad:

  • Mousing across large screens to select menu items takes time, and gets fatiguing in long sessions.
  • Mousing across the smaller screens means cluttering your screen with menus.
  • Memorizing keyboard shortcuts is hard, and they're easy to forget.
  • Shortcuts for similar features aren't consistent across design apps.

Thimble makes selecting app buttons and menu items better: Just rest your thumb on the trackpad, and scroll to quickly open app buttons & menu items. Thimble's gesture interface can even be customized for the commands you use most often.

And! Thimble remembers your recent actions, making repetitive design steps much faster.